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Welcome to the Farmers' Market!


Located on the 900 block of Main Street, the Farmers' Market gives local farmers a place to highlight and promote their produce.  The space is available to farmers year round, Monday - Saturday.  There are NO FEES to set up!  The space is covered, with vegetable bins to display your produce, running water, electrical outlets, and restrooms.  So pass it along to farmers or even those who might have an abundance from their personal gardens. If you call and let us know that you will be selling at the Farmers' Market, we will be glad to let people know on here and on our Facebook page.  Contact us at 870-364-8645.



There are some items that cannot be sold at a farmers' market and some that have to have permits.  Please take a look if you are a vendor.

Food trucks or carts are not permitted in this area.

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